Transitional Youth Success

To support the self-sufficient living of youth transitioning from foster care by providing access to resources and building healthy relationships. Growing up, moving out, starting college and/or getting your first job are all challenging experiences for anyone, especially for youth exiting foster care. Social workers, case managers, foster parents and family all start asking you: What is your plan? Who is part of your plan? How do you expect to fulfill your plan?

Do you have the tools to make your Transition Plan a reality? Do you have a computer to write your papers for school? Do you have clothes appropriate for a job interview? Do you have a bus pass or the means to get to your job? Can you survive until your next paycheck?

Transitional Youth Success (TYS) will help you design a plan and turn that plan into the reality you want it to be. Your plan may change as you go through the program. Your personal Transition Coach will help guide you through to a successful conclusion. TYS is dedicated and invested in you and the success of your personal transition plan.

TYS hosts an annual Educational Summit where we invite community based resource providers and vendors to present on their services. Education counselors are here to assist you with filling out your FAFSA, or applying for CHAFFEE grants. Vendors will introduce programs and services such as: vocational and educational colleges, health clinics, employment opportunities, healthy relationship services and other related resources.

TYS will host monthly, and individual trainings specifically designed to assist you in transitioning from foster care successfully. We will offer education information, tours of colleges, vocation assistance, introduction to services, such as; orientations with Work Force Connection, Focus Forward, Fresno County Independent Living Program, budget plan training, housing plans, outside cooking classes, healthy relationships, legal issues, and substance abuse referral services.

TYS will assist you in obtaining your personal documents including: birth certificates, social security cards, medical records, driver’s license and more. After developing your transition plan we will support areas that are working and assist with areas that need improvement.

TYS will provide a Transition Coach that will meet with you individually, although it is your responsibility to reach out to your coach when needed. Your coach is here to assist you in obtaining attaining your goals. TYS is committed to turning your goals into successes. We are here to support you as you become self-sufficient, reach your potential, and use your transition plan as a path towards independence!

Our vision to see to it that all youth who have transitioned from foster care have the ability to achieve their potential and reach their dreams.